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"I now consider myself a collector of Arid Hand pieces- I have four so far! I love that they are one of a kind, curated carefully, and each have their own stories. I love supporting small. It makes a difference to know that what I am buying is high quality, and created with love by a genuine, caring and all round excellent human.
Thanks Erin for creating and sharing your work- it brightens my home!"

"I love the bespoke nature of Arid Hand, how no two works are the same and how each collection only has a finite number of pieces. I love how they make me feel when I hold them, and when I look at them."

"Arid Hand ceramics are beautifully made by a creative artist who takes inspiration from Australian nature, the way we connect to it and its influence on our self.  My Arid Hand bowl and trinket dishes make me happy and give me little reminders of mindfulness and gratitude when I think about the time and passion that goes into making the lovely pieces. 
They are the perfect, unique gift for yourself or a loved one who wants to be surrounded with inspiring (and just damn good looking) things."