A subtle beauty.

Unknowingly creating room for all that is new.


  • Handbuilt using pinching and coiling techniques.

    The surface design consists of hand carved details.

    The majority of the surface is unglazed, with moments of white gloss glaze.


    Artwork Dimensions:


    Total width (maximum): 11.5cm

    Total height: 13cm

    Total width (base): 6.5cm


    High fired, speckled stoneware clay



    Australia Wide: $15.00

    This cost will be added to your total when shipping is selected. Shipping costs vary across each artwork due to size and weight differences.


    Studio Pick up: $0.00

    Location: CRAIGIE W.A


    You will have 3 weeks to collect your purchase.

    Pick up times are as listed:

    Mondays: 8am - 6pm

    Tuesdays: 8am - 6pm

    Fridays: 8am - 6pm


    Please consider the above timeframes when selecting studio pick up at check out.


    International: Currently unavailable