Where to begin...

Before I begin...I think I will take this moment to say THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for taking a moment to absorb something new.

Thank you for following your curiosity.

Thank you for coming with me on a bit of a journey.

Ooof. That felt nice....now for some other stuff.

As you may very well be aware...I adore my home state of Western Australia and think it is something to be celebrated. There is just something really magical and inspiring about the landscapes here and I have found myself unknowingly absorbing textures, colours, shapes and sounds.

Over the past few months I have also had a desire to share my moments wandering through WA with others and so I think I am going to continue exploring this notion.

Where to begin....

Well, just the other day I did notice pops of yellow, pink and purple amongst deep greens while driving down the freeway...that must mean spring is just around the corner...

Maybe this is a good place to start, and maybe I'll come back to this space and share some of my spring moments with you.